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Do you have an inherited home you don’t want or need? Do you want to sell your New Albany home but have no funds for upgrades and renovations? Or do you simply need immediate cash in exchange for your house? If you need to sell your house fast in New Albany, our company buys houses and pays a fair price in cash for your property after all costs are factored in!

Why Choose We Buy Houses Kentucky?

We Buy Houses Louisville holds a reputable name in the real estate and investment firm business. Our clients trust us to provide them with the best possible service while ensuring that both parties make the most out of the transaction. With us, you are assured of getting a reasonable price for your property regardless of its condition when we purchase it.

Selling your New Albany house to us will not only give you quick cash and a seamless transaction, but it will also save you from doing renovations and repairs. It also frees you from a mountain of paperwork that comes with selling a property!

You don’t need to look for a real estate agent and keep your property on the market while waiting for potential home buyers. Our company will ensure that the selling process is efficient and hassle-free.

Sell My House Fast in 3 Simple Steps

Fill Out the Form

Start by completing our simple form to provide details about your house. Filling out the form is free and requires no commitment. You can still change your mind (or not!) after submitting the form to us.

We Contact You

Most often, we purchase homes regardless of their condition, but we still set some standards and perform a proper assessment to determine the value to your property. Our team will review the details you have sent us to see if it meets our requirements.

Once we approve your property, we will contact you to schedule a meeting and discuss your property including our price offer and other details of the contract. You will leave the meeting with a no-obligation written document detailing all the things we discuss. Bring the written document home and think about selling your house fast with us.

It’s a Deal

Once you decide to do business with us and close the deal, we will complete the purchase in a respected title company in your area. Payment will come to you in up to 7 days, or sometimes on the day that we close the transaction itself!

Sell My House Fast in New Albany, IN

We understand the rush, so we are here to lend you the fastest real estate solutions possible: we will buy your house in New Albany IN for a fair cash price!

Our fair offer for your home is calculated using this formula:

(After Repair Value) – (Repair Costs) – (Holding/Selling Costs) – (Our Profit) = Your Cash Offer

The fair cash offer we present our clients comes from the above considerations. These factors are essential for us to provide you with a just price while making sure that you get paid very quickly too! Here is a better understanding of what our calculation means:

  • After Repair Value is the value of the property after all repairs are done.
  • Repair Costs are the sum of all the expenses made from repairs, renovations, and upgrades.
  • Holding Costs is what we pay for insurance, taxes, and utilities while your property is within our control.
  • Selling Costs includes agent commissions, closing costs, transfer taxes, and other expenses we incur after procuring your home.
  • Our Profit is what we will earn from your home after selling it.

Using the formula above, we will come up with a justified price for your property sale!

Contact Us Now!

Many homeowners and property owners dread the process of selling the traditional way. Fees plus commission and staging for an open house equal a huge headache! We solve all real estate problems  anything from unwanted property, vacant houses, ugly houses, burdensome rental properties with bad rental tenants, and any other issue and turn your home nightmare into a dream!

If you need to sell your house fast in the New Albany and surrounding area, no problem! We’re here to help and our purchase rates as a cash home buyer always satisfy our clients who sell their properties to us!

Just contact us now for more details! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We’ll buy your house as-is for cash.

Are you saddled with a house you don’t want or need? We buy houses in New Albany, IN, as-is for cash. Get started now by completing this quick and easy form:

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