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Need to Sell Your House Fast In Kentucky

We buy houses all across the state of Kentucky and let’s be honest; working with real estate agents is not hassle free. Often, the process is lengthy, especially if you are trying to sell your house quickly to someone with an all cash offer. Also, some agents have hidden fees over the already outrageous realtor fees. That is why when you work with our company we give a fair and honest offer that allows you to leave the property without making any repairs and avoiding the hassle of open houses and showings!

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Year after year we are the number one We Buy Houses company in Kentucky and have been operating for over 15 years. As Kentucky locals ourselves we know the real estate market better that the nationwide buyers which allows us to make the highest offer for your property, guaranteed! It’s because we always operate with integrity and honesty and our customers love us for it  and refer to us over and over again. We have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and have all five-star reviews on Google. Hear from one of our customers to understand how we can solve your Real Estate Problems!

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How Does the Sell my House Fast Kentucky Company Operate?

Home sellers typically use our services because we buy houses fast at fair market value. Also, they don’t have to worry about a thing as the buying processis as simple as depicted below.


Reach Out to Us

To begin, you will need to fill out a form with basic information about your property, why you are selling it to a cash buyer, your location, and so forth. This way, we can have a good picture of the situation.


Schedule an Appointment

Once your information is reviewed by our team we will reach out to clarify any details that were missing and also meet you, in-person, to view the house. Within 24 hours of meeting you will receive a no obligation offer. Stop waiting to call, you have nothing to lose!


We Pay Cash with Zero Closing Costs

We mean it when we say we are here to help sell your house fast in Kentucky at a fair cash price. What is left is for you to confirm how you would like to receive your money. Should we  wire you the cash or write a check?

When working with our team, you won’t have to worry about how to pay closing costs, rude real estate agents, prepping for an open house, or a complicated buying process.

we buy houses for cash Kentucky

Need to sell your house quickly
and without any hassle?

You've come to the right place! We're ready to give you a fair offer.

- Daniel, Owner

Why Choose Us Over Another Buy Houses Company?

If you are looking for a cash home buyer who will buy your house fast Kentucky, then you are in the right place. We are a local real estate investor that pays cash to buy houses Kentucky and close on your timeframe.

By doing this, we give members of the local community who want to sell their house fast in Kentucky an avenue to do so. Our promise is to always be transparent and honest through every step of the house selling process.

Below is a list of some types of houses we buy.

  • An unwanted inherited house
  • Homes facing foreclosure
  • Ugly houses
  • Landlords who don’t want to deal with the pressure of tenants
  • Houses with mold infestation
  • Houses belonging to people who can’t afford closing costs or realtor fees
  • Homes with extensive damage that are expensive to repair
  • Homes of those in debt that are looking to liquidate
  • Business owners who are downsizing
  • People who are newly married and looking to sell their starter homes
  • Fire damaged homes that are written off
  • Tax lien homes
  • Houses full of junk
  • Homeowners going through a divorce
  • Homes that have been on the market and won’t sell

If you are in any of the situations above or just want to sell my house fast give us a call. All closings take place at a local real estate lawyer and/or title companies office, on the date that you choose, and we pay all closing costs!

Stop stressing over your property and contact us today. Our mission is to lower your stress level and help you get rid of your problem property!

We’re committed to working with our customers to solve their property problems, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

We Buy Houses in Kentucky is a BBB Accredited Business
with a 5-Star Google Rating.
We Buy Houses as is Kentucky

Avoid the Traditional Method of Selling Your Home

There are times when selling a house with a real estate agent is just not your best option.

Work with us to avoid all the expensive fees, stress, hassle, and months of waiting that go along with selling your home how most people do.

We Buy Ugly House Cash Kentucky Kentucky

Take the First Step

Fill out our simple form to get started. We’ll review it and get back to you quickly!

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What to Look for in a Company that Claims to Buy Houses?

Many people prefer online real estate transactions to save time in the digital era. While that can be convenient, it leaves room for scamming.

So, what are the indicators that the company you are working with to sell your house is legitimate?

Has a Physical Office

We buy houses in Kentucky operate from numerous offices throughout the county. This way, our clients can visit us to confirm that we are who we are and the process is as transparent as we say it is.

Has Trust-Worthy Reviews

Our company has numerous reviews on credible sites such as Google. You can check them out to asses whether our quality of work meets your expectations.

We have maintained our credibility over the past 15 years because we give all our clients a genuine competitive cash offer.

Proof of Prior Cash Offer Transactions

If you are skeptical about whether our company buys houses for cash, you have the right to ask to see proof of prior transactions. Our accounts show that we are legit but also prove that we conduct our business with utmost transparency.

Can Loan You Cash For Moving

The primary reason why you would approach our company is so that you can sell your house fast to cash home buyers. Therefore, it is only fitting that our company can lend you money to help you move out of the house and meet other expenses before your final payment is processed.

What if you approach a company in the same line of work as ours, and they can’t loan you the money? Chances are the company in question is not legit. So, it would be best if you thought twice.


We’re Your LOCAL Louisville Cash Home Buyers

A Better Way to Sell Your House!

Sometimes homeowners simply are too busy to prepare a house to sell on the market. Sometimes property owners are tired of the responsibilities of owning a home.  Other times homeowners must avoid foreclosure or deal with of selling a house in probate. We can help you move your property quickly and leave with zero headaches and cash in hand. We will buy any house — as long as it meets our purchasing criteria — and we’ll pay a fast, fair and honest price for your home.

Benefits when you Sell my House Fast Include

'I Want Cash for My House!'

If this sounds like you contact us now!

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We Offer The Best Way To Sell Your House Fast

Working with We Buy Houses in Kentucky is the fastest, and easiest way to get rid of an unwanted house. Avoid the traditional method of selling your home. Get rid of your problem property in just days, and get cash for your house.

As a husband-and-wife team, we use our combined 30 years of experience in all aspects of real estate to provide a hassle-free, fair home-selling solution. With our background in high-level corporate, we are dedicated to bringing professionalism and proficiency to our clients. Whether you are facing foreclosure, have little to no equity and need to sell, or want to avoid paying realtor commissions, our family-owned business is focused on helping homeowners solve their real estate problems.

We buy houses all across Kentucky. To learn more about what our clients are saying about us, read our reviews here. You can also check out our FAQs page to learn more about our capabilities. If you’re ready to get rid of your burdensome property, reach out to us today.

sell my house Kentucky

We Buy Houses in Kentucky Reviews

Reasons Why You Should Work With Buy Houses Kentucky to Sell my House Fast Kentucky

Working with a real estate agent to sell your house fast is quite a time consuming expense and challenge bordering on impossible. Especially if your house needs to be in top-notch shape and you prefer an all cash home buyer. For these reasons and many others, companies like ours offer a better choice if you want to sell your house fast. Thanks to our extensive experience in the local market, we can help you sell your house fast Kentucky. Below are some of the great reasons why you should commission our services.

Regardless of the condition of your house, our cash home buyers are prepared to give you a fair cash offer. Considering the country’s economic position, most cash home buyers prefer to use mortgage payments requiring bank financing.

Thus, you will need help finding a cash home buyer on the primary market who will pay in all cash.

When you want to sell my house fast in Kentucky, we will make sure to pay what you rightfully deserve for your house in under 48 hours. If you need a fair cash offer, we usually encourage our sellers to negotiate and reach a comfortable cash offer for everyone.

We take pride in our ability to buy houses as is and give a fair offer to house sellers who have supported us for the last 15 years.

Our clients’ situations are diverse. Some want to sell my house fast because they have ugly houses, others never use their inherited homes, and so forth. So, when we buy houses for cash, we relieve our clients as we don’t require them to perform any repairs or even take out the junk.

When our team schedules a property viewing meeting, we will give you a quotation based on the current state of your house fast, factoring in any repair or cleaning services that the place needs. Also, if you are in a different state and would like to sell your house to us, we can make the necessary arrangements to do the buying process virtually so long as you have all the legal documentation.

All it takes is a phone call, and we will buy your house fast and hassle free.

If you have ever tried to sell my house fast via a real estate agent, then you know that you are not in total control of the whole process. Several parties are involved, and the buyer decides things like the closing date. Also, the real estate agent will be in charge of finding what they deem is a competitive cash offer which to some extent gives them all the power.

By working with our cash home buyers, you get to choose the closing date, meaning you might as well be living in the house when we inspect it and only move out when you want to finalize the deal.

At the sell my house fast company in Kentucky, we have devised a procedure to ensure our clients have a seamless user experience while using our website and the process.

When you decide to sell your house and contact us, we will take over everything else while keeping you in the loop.

You will need to avail yourself or someone you trust for the property viewing and then make arrangements to collect your cash offer.

Our business model offers clients a competitive cash offer to buy ugly houses. Because the deal looks too good to be true, many home sellers typically assume that we have closing costs. However, that is not true. We don’t require our clients to pay any fees. Our team will cater to every repair needed, transport fee, and all the documentation necessary out of pocket.

This is because we understand that most of our clientele want a quick sale, which would not be the case if they had extra money to spare.

Yet, if someone reaches out to you claiming to be from our team and asks for some money, please avoid them; that is likely a scam artist.

Our company has little competition because we buy burdensome rental property and pay cash. Therefore, we have an extensive list of local real estate investors who will be more than willing to buy houses for cash. It eliminates the hassle of waiting to get a potential cash home buyer in the primary market.

However, since we want you to have your money as fast as humanely possible, we will make sure you are paid in full in less than 24 hours and then handle the rest of the paperwork later.

It is challenging to sell your house fast in a traditional sale because the chances of the deal falling through for some reason are very high. But with us, you won’t have to worry about it since we buy houses for cash.

FAQs About How to Sell My House Fast Kentucky

We understand that many people have never heard about a company willing to provide instant cash to buy houses Kentucky. Therefore, below are a few of the most asked questions.

Who is the Team to Help you Sell My House Fast?

Our company that buys houses is a co-owned establishment that Catherine and Daniel started when we wanted to be real estate investors. Combined, we have an impressive 30 years of real estate experience. In that time, we have emerged as the top cash buyers for homeowners who want to sell my house fast Kentucky. So, be assured you will be in excellent and experienced hands if you choose to work with us. Our company prides itself in helping those in dire need to sell their Kentucky house fast for whatever reason.

Our main goal is to make the property owners as content as possible by getting them a fair all cash offer.

What Are Our Company Goals?

While We buy houses in Kentucky is essentially a business, we aim to make our services as community-oriented as possible, which is why we prioritize local cash buyers over other real estate investors. Lastly, our process is transparent and hassle free. We don’t charge agent fees to view your house or set an appointment. Also, unlike a traditional sale, you won’t have to worry about the real estate transactions, such as closing costs, as our office will do it all for you. So, contact us to start the process if you want to sell an unwanted property or house quickly to a cash buyer.

Is It Possible to Sell My House in One Day?

It depends. If you choose to sell your Ky house as is via an agent, it’s impossible to sell it in a day. It is because the realtor will need to open escrow, file and verify the necessary paperwork, arrange open houses, and so forth. However, if you choose to go the non-traditional way and sell your Kentucky home with us, we will ensure you get your money as soon as possible. We can give you a cash offer in 24-48 hours, depending on whether you have the necessary paperwork.

Must My Property Be Located in Kentucky to Work with the We Buy Houses in Kentucky Company?

Yes, our company licenses only allow us to buy houses whose property address reads Kentucky. However, your physical presence in the state is optional for us to conduct business with you, as we can do so virtually.

What Disadvantages Will I Face When Trying to Sell My House to We Buy Houses in Kentucky?

Yes. Like any other service, you are bound to run into hurdles that will inevitably force you to choose whether to pursue the service. Some of the drawbacks include the following:

  • Fast Closing Date Immediately after we inspect your house and make you an offer, you will need to respond in a short period. The traditional method of selling homes is usually different, as your property can stay on the market for months or years before receiving an offer.

Really that is all. In our buy houses Kentucky business we move as quick as possible when you want to sell my house fast. For some people this can be seen as a disadvantage while for others it is a blessing. While we do move fast we will make sure that you are informed through the entire process and also answer any questions you have regarding the sell of your property.

When We Buy Houses for Cash, Where Do We Eventually Sell Them?

It depends on your exact property address and the state of the Louisville house. Sometimes we will contact legit cash home buyers with the resources for buying houses on short notice. Other times, we can meet the repair and cleaning expenses, hold on to the house as an investment property, and later list it in the secondary market. 

We have the resources that allow us to buy houses for cash and then later sell at our own pace. So, our goal is to help people who want to sell their house fast in Kentucky.

Where Does Sell My House Fast Kentucky Operate?

When you work with us, you’re dealing with people who know Kentuckiana. We have lived here our whole lives, and our community is important to us. We help homeowners get out from under unwanted homes. For 15 years, our company has helped thousands of people sell their houses fast Kentucky by offering them a fair all cash offer. We are not here to judge your situation, the condition of your house, or your last bid, as is the norm with a typical real estate agent.

So, hit us up if you want to sell your house in the following areas.

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