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Our company, We Buy Houses in Kentucky, is a family-owned business. We purchase your property as fast as possible for cash so that you can have the money you need in your hands in no time.

Sell My House Fast in Newburg, KY: How the Process Works

Regardless of the situation, we give property owners access to a quick cash sale. Whether they have a burdensome rental property with bad rental tenants, or an unwanted property that needs renos outside their price range, we understand the urgency.

We came up with 3 quick steps to sell your house swiftly and trouble-free.

Fill Out the Form

Supply us with the basic information about your property by filling out a form. Tell us anything we need to know about your house including the property address, its features, and condition. You can do this by filling out a form online or calling us directly. This process is very simple and does not cost you any fees This is also a no-obligation first step.

We Contact You

After receiving your form, we will review the details and see if your house meets our buying criteria. Once assessed and approved, we will contact you to set up a meeting. We will talk about our fair cash offer and the other details that revolve around the transaction. You don’t have to decide on the spot. You will leave the meeting with a written document outlining everything we have discussed. Bring the document home and think about our fair offer, terms, and conditions of the sale. We will give you the time needed to decide what’s best for you.

Make a Deal

If you want to move forward, call us and we’ll close the deal! We will schedule a convenient time for you to complete the selling of your property at a reliable title company in your surrounding area. You will receive your cash in as little as 7 days after the transaction. We can even pay you the same day you accept our price offer if no problem arises!

Our quick 3-step process guarantees an efficient way of selling your property quickly and with little effort on your end.

Why Choose Our Company?

As family-owned business, we understand the plight of every individual and homeowner. It isn’t easy to part ways with your home. Unfortunately, certain situations call for it such as relocating somewhere new, a job loss, facing a foreclosure, significant repairs needed, among others. We make it easier for our clients to sell their houses by doing all the major work, from paperwork to renovations.

We follow a straightforward and transparent formula to calculate the cash offer we give you:

(After Repair Value) – (Repair Cost) – (Holding/Selling Costs) – (Our Profit) = Your Cash Offer

To understand the formula above, here are brief descriptions of what each factor means:

  • After Repair Value is the home’s market value after our company finishes the repairs, renovations, and upgrades.
  • Repair Costs are the expenses our company incurs from all the renovations, repairs, and upgrades.
  • Holding Costs sums up the amount we pay while the property is under our name including insurance, taxes, and utilities.
  • Selling Costs includes the amount we pay on transfer taxes, closing costs, agent commissions, and other expenses related to selling your property to us.
  • Our Profit is the revenue we make as we sell the newly renovated and upgraded house to a homebuyer or real estate investor.

The above calculation leads us to a reasonable price offer that benefits both you and our company. As we do all the necessary work, you can simply walk away after we complete the transaction with the cash secured in your hand. This is a wonderful deal we can offer for people who want to sell their homes as quickly as possible without dealing with the downsides of traditional home selling.

An Easy Way to Sell Your Home

Searching for a real estate agent who can sell your house quickly is a task. It’s a lot of work to book showings, prepare for open houses, and allow your house to sit on the market month after month. Using the real estate solutions offered by our investment firm helps you avoid all the traditional bank financing and the battle between fair rates and quality customer care.

Our fast and secure process allows homeowners to trade their houses efficiently for fast cash. We ensure that you get the best possible price for your property. Our family’s combined 30 years of experience in the real estate industry guarantees that you are selling your home in good hands.

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions and sales! For a quicker transaction, you may give us a call at (502) 383-1484.

We always look forward to dealing with and providing outstanding service to our clients.

We’ll buy your house as-is for cash.

Are you saddled with a house you don’t want or need? We buy houses in Newburg, KY, as-is for cash. Get started now by completing this quick and easy form:

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