How to Sell a House by Owner in Kentucky

How to Sell a House by Owner in Kentucky – FSBO

You might be wondering if you can sell your own house in Kentucky. The short answer is yes!

Now is the time to consider selling your house to a new owner in Kentucky. The market is hot, and the demand is high in Kentucky, making it easier than ever to sell your home.

However, selling your own home without a real estate agent is not as easy as you think. Putting your home on sale involves a lot of moving parts.

Today, we will help you understand everything you need to know about how to sell a house by owner in Kentucky.



home listing FSBO in Kentucky


What Does for Sale By Owner Mean?

For sale by owner (FSBO) is an excellent way to sell your house without paying agent commissions. Essentially, you are the real estate agent responsible for listing the property on the market and setting up appointment showings for prospective buyers.

Listing FSBO in KY allows you to make a substantial profit as you save money in sellers’s agent commission.

Homeowners can save thousands of dollars selling a house in commission fees in a hot housing market if they are well prepared. This might be one of the reasons why selling FSBO is most financially appealing to many homeowners.

The other common reasons why people choose to sell FSBO include the following:

  • Saving time. Some people are in a hurry to sell their house and need to skip extra steps.
  • Already know potential buyers. Some people already have potential buyers, such as relatives and close friends. This eliminates the need for a professional real estate agent.
  • Confidence. If you are a natural salesperson, you could take your hand at closing your first real estate transaction.
  • The desire for control. If you want to ensure that selling a property goes off without a hitch, then you can become an FSBO seller. This is also an opportunity to learn more about the local market.

Worth Noting: Owners are often discouraged from selling their house by owner because they do not understand the process. Additionally, some owners view it as added responsibility and work. In addition, preparing the home and looking for buyers can be stressful without real estate agents. However, there are many successful FSBO sellers, and you could be one of them with the following tips.


Owners looking over paperwork with realtor and discussing buyer's agent commission before selling the home. Avoid a buyer's agent's commission and get the final sale price you want by selling direct to a cash house buyer in Kentucky

FSBO Process: How to Sell a House by Owner in Kentucky

Now that you better understand why you want to sell a house by owner in Kentucky, it’s time to learn how to do it!

Do the Research

While it is relatively challenging to time the market in the long term, June is an excellent time for selling your Kentucky house. Data shows that you can get up to $13,000 more than the average selling price if you sell in June. It also confirms that Thursday is an excellent time to list the home.

As part of your research, ensure you learn more about mortgage and real estate commission rates in Kentucky. This is because you will have to offer a competitive buyer’s agent commission to bring buyers to your Kentucky home. The typical range is between 2-3% but if you are looking for a quick sell you could set it at 3.5% to get more buyer’s agents showing your home.

Choose a Selling Price

You will need to determine the final listing price for selling a house. While you may have an emotional attachment to the property this should not factor into pricing. The price is ultimately determined by a multitude of other factors. Kentucky home sellers must ensure that their homes’ listing price is practical. It will help to paint a professional outlook.

Therefore, consider how much you want for your home. Then ask yourself if you can get that amount with no repairs. If not, consider the repair costs. Next, consider how much debt you have in the home. You will need to answer all of these questions before choosing a selling price for your home.

Another good way to determine the final price is to examine comparable listings in the area. Zillow and Redfin are good places to determine the best listing price for the homes. You can also find records of the average price local buyers pay for similar homes.

Prepare the Home

When you sell FSBO, you ensure that your Kentucky home makes a strong impression on potential buyers. Ensure you go through a detailed preparation checklist that includes the following:

  • deep cleaning
  • home repairs
  • remodeling
  • improving curb appeal
  • decluttering
  • painting
  • light fixtures remodeling
  • roof remodeling
  • FSBO staging

Unless you have experience with repairs and remodeling, it is best to find a service provider to remodel your property. In addition, a professional cleaning service with power washing services can bring the shine back to aged surfaces. In addition, get the services of a professional staging company that has worked with FSBO property before.

It is important to note that if you get a company to purchase your home, you will not have to deal with repairs, cleaning or hiring a professional stager.

At We Buy Houses in Kentucky, we will purchase your house as-is, so you don’t have to make any repairs for us to purchase it. This includes big-ticket items like roofs and HVAC systems. We will visit your house to make sure it meets our criteria for us to purchase it and then offer you a fair cash offer with quick closing so you can move on to the next stage of your life.


sell your house fast by working with a cash property buyer like We Buy Houses in Kentucky

List the Kentucky Property

The offers will not come in unless you list the house, so it is essential to know how and where to do this. There are four ways you can do this.

Word of Mouth

First, you can market by word of mouth. Marketing by word of mouth is challenging since you need to share the information with people. This means you need access to a vast network. Even so, you need to remember that these people may not be in the market for homes.

Ads in Local Media

The second way to market your home is by paying for ad space for the listing. Without a listing agent or realtor, you need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Therefore consider the local newspaper and neighborhood websites. You should also consider listing on social media sites.


Image of a pin on a map that will show up where your property is when you list with a flat fee MLS listing company to sell your house by owner to interested buyers without a realtor in Kentucky

Flat Fee MLS Company

Your secret weapon for marketing the house is flat fee MLS companies. Consider a Kentucky flat fee MLS company if you are selling your home. Many FSBO sellers have succeeded in going with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) because it increases exposure and chances of getting genuine active buyers.

So, list your house with a Kentucky state-licensed flat fee MLS real estate agent and offer the buyer’s agent a commission. In addition, you will have to pay a flat fee for the service. The local MLS will expose your home to a local buyer working with realtors in the area to find a house.

Most active buyers in Kentucky still use a buyer’s agent to find their ideal home. In addition, it can save you a lot of money since you will pay a small listing fee instead of including realtor commissions in the closing costs.

It is important to note that although flat fee MLS sound like they are all the same, they are not and give clients various offers and cost different prices. So be selective when hiring the company.

Remember that good images of the home will boost your listing. Therefore, ensure that you take nice pictures of the house. Include the key highlights like the curb, roof, bathroom, etc.

For better results, consider hiring a professional real estate photographer. A professional photographer will make your home look attractive and this is one area you do not want to cut cost.

If all this sounds like too much work, you can contact us if you are ready to sell your house, and we will set up an appointment to meet you and visit the property to make sure the property fits our criteria and to begin the purchase process.

Open Houses


Photo of Open house sign on a for sale by owner home in Kentucky

Open houses are one of the best ways to showcase your place if you sell FSBO. Open homes get people in the market and even attract realtors and buyer’s agents. So ensure that your home is ready to give the best impression. Ensure everything is clean and organized before guests show up.

Get Familiar with Real Estate Laws In Kentucky; Talk with a Real Estate Lawyer

Remember that house selling is not your area of expertise. You could get sued or fined if you are not on the right track. So ensure you understand all the Kentucky state laws a Kentucky homeowner needs to follow, including:

Property disclosure requirements

Please read up on what is required to be disclosed in Kentucky and follow them closely. At the minimum, you should disclose imperfections like lead paint. You can find articles on real estate selling online as well as estate law articles. While this is not our area of expertise we suggest you do proper research to learn the basics before listing your homes as a seller.

Fair Housing Laws

Be mindful of the language on your listing contract and other materials. In addition, you cannot discriminate against any protected class of citizens. Instead, treat all potential buyers equally.

This article should not be viewed as legal advice and if you are considering selling fsbo you should contact a local real estate attorney with any questions.

Handling Offers

It is essential to read up on how to negotiate successfully in Kentucky when selling your property. Offers should come in writing to ensure you are only dealing with serious buyers. If they come in plenty, try to hold off on making a decision until a set day to instigate a bidding war. This tactic serves as an incentive for buyers and agents to put in better offers.

This is also the right time to get a real estate attorney. You will be dealing with a lot of submitted paperwork and legal contracts. So, a real estate attorney will ensure everything is in order for you and the buyer.



All cash offer for home sale in Louisville Kentucky

Local agents will advise you to consider all-cash offers first. An all-cash offer is where the buyer will purchase your home without requiring a lender. Cash home buyers should therefore receive priority because they do not need a mortgage when buying property in Kentucky. This also means not having to wait on a buyer’s lender or dealing with an escrow agent.

When a lender or bank becomes involved in the purchase process, the party will almost always delay the closing. The bank can require various documents that can slow the purchase process to cause the closing date to be pushed back. This can be frustrating for a seller ready to get the deal done.

However, if you cannot get a cash offer, ensure that you follow the legal process. An attorney can help you through the legal documents.

Close the Sale



Handshake closing the deal of a cash house purchase

Once you and the buyer agree to a selling price and closing terms for the Kentucky real estate, you are ready to draft a Kentucky purchase agreement. A purchase agreement is a legal document that ensures that the closing is lawful. It includes all the details you and the buyer must go through before closing.

This is where a Kentucky real estate lawyer who specializes in real estate law also comes in handy. Once you have it, the buyer can sign it, and you are ready to go.

Transferring the title from the seller to the buyer is called closing. This is the final chapter when selling your house by owner in Kentucky. You must meet at an attorney’s office or a title company to transfer closing documents.

When you sell the homes to We Buy Houses in Kentucky, we will meet at a local, reputable title company to close the sale. You will receive the cash within seven days of closing.

Benefits of Selling a House By Owner

Selling real estate yourself has multiple advantages, including:

No Real Estate Agent Fees

The most significant benefit of selling a house by owner in Kentucky is saving money by evading paying a commission to a real estate agent. Even an average realtor commission rate can take a considerable chunk of the money you could be pocketing from the Kentucky houses sale price.

The average commission rate for a listing agent in the Kentucky area is 2.72% of the final home price. This money is yours when you sell a house to the new owner. Even if you consider the buyer agent commission, you will still save money.

You Manage the FSBO Listing

You control everything from the market listing to the time of the showing. You handle the pictures of the property, FSBO yard signs, the house’s asking price, and communication with interested Kentucky buyers.

You do not have to wait for a real estate agent to communicate with you about where you are in the home-selling process. When you sell a house by owner, you know exactly where you are every step of the way. The only thing you will need help with is the legally binding agreements.

You Control the Schedule and When to go to Market

There are two events in the home-selling process when you and the buyer need to agree—the showing time and the closing date. The showing time is when the interested buyer will visit your property and walk through your Kentucky property.

Since you can choose a time to leave your Kentucky house and let the buyer walk through, set a schedule for your potential buyer. The closing date is when you and the buyer agree to finalize the sale.

At We Buy Houses in Kentucky, we can work with any closing date you choose. Since we are buying your house as-is, we will set up a time to look at your house to begin the purchase process. Once the sale is finalized, you will receive your money in seven days.

Possible Challenges of Selling a House By Owner in Kentucky

Less Exposure to Real Estate Agents

In the digital age, studies show most buyers search online for home listings. But even if you post online, clever real estate agents have an internet strategy that promotes the sale of the home. So, working with a traditional realtor earns you better visibility.

But this does not mean receiving exposure and selling your house will be impossible. You will have to work a little harder to get more buyers interested in the home.

Regentology offers lower Prices

Startups like Regentology claim to be able to sell your home for more money but they are another place that take commissions. Consider selling a house directly for a fair price while avoiding listing with a mls agent in Louisville, which is very similar to a realtor.



woman who is confused about what to do while selling a house in kentucky and what to set the list price at to get the most exposure and top dollar for the house which is above the median home value in Kentucky

Legal Risks of Selling FSBO in Kentucky

Buying and selling a home demands more paperwork per regulations. This has, unfortunately, made FSBO selling more challenging. If you do not do things right, you risk being sued.

More Stressful without Real Estate Attorney

You could have a full-time career and other responsibilities you need to handle while putting your home on the market. Unfortunately, you may have trouble learning, planning, and meeting protective buyers.

Selling a house yourself can be time-consuming, even with professional guidance. So if you do not have the time, you may be better off with a realtor.

Safety Issues

Unfortunately, strangers will ask to come to your home sale when you host open houses or create viewing schedules. Strangers coming and going within the home is a safety concern, especially if you have a family. It is also dangerous if you live alone, especially for single females.

Worth Noting: Check out FSBO websites to learn how other buyers overcome these and other challenges. It is possible to successfully sell your house and save thousands in realtor commissions. Just be open to learning and staying legally compliant.


Sale by owner in Kentucky does not have to be complicated, primarily if you sell your house as-is and fast to We Buy Houses in Kentucky. Contact us and share a description of your property. You can email us or fill out the contact form. We will schedule a time to visit your property and begin the purchase process.


Blond female ready to answer your call if you need to sell your house for cash in Kentucky

If your property meets our criteria, we will present you with a written offer to purchase your house with no obligations. If you accept our offer, we will meet at a local and reputable title company to close the sale.


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