How Can I sell a Property Fast in Kentucky?

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How Can I sell a Property Fast?

Selling a house is often a lengthy transaction that sometimes involves the bank. However, some people don’t have time or want to go through the long process. In such a situation, selling the house to an all-cash buyer such as We buy houses in Kentucky or an auction offers the best option. You shorten the process by eliminating the real estate agent so that you can get an all-cash offer within a week. 


Which Kind of Houses Can You Sell to a We Buy Houses Company?

At We buy houses in Kentucky, we accept all types of houses irrespective of their condition. However, it should be salvageable property considering our business model relies on us buying a home and flipping it for profit.


The properties we buy include:

  • Fire damaged homes
  • Houses facing foreclosure
  • The inherited property you don’t need
  • Divorced people looking to sell their property
  • People in an emergency who want to liquidate assets and so forth. 


Process of Selling A House to Our Company

For your house to sell quickly, it helps to go with a company like ours that gives you cash and doesn’t require you to list the home on the market. We have been in the real estate business for more than 15 years and can guide you through the entire process in record time. You don’t have to stress yourself. 


Below is the simple process of selling your house to us:

1. Fill Out an Application Form


You can approach us by filling out a form on our website. The form captures details such as your name, why you are selling the home, and so forth. It enables us to assess whether your situation falls within our competence. 


Also, you can call, email or drop in at one of our offices to fill out the form. You are free to use any method with which you are comfortable.


2. Set an Appointment

A representative from our office will reach out to gather any additional information we may need. Then we will set an appointment for a house viewing/assessment. We take this as a partnership and set the appointment as soon as possible. Thus, you get to choose which time will work for you, and we shall work around your schedule.


3. House Viewing

We will determine whether we can buy the house after viewing the home. If so, our assessors value any assets in the place and the house itself and then give you a no-obligation cash offer. We leverage our extensive experience in the real estate sector to your advantage. We can provide you with the offer on the same day as the house appraisal or the next day latest. 


We encourage our clients to negotiate or speak out if they deem the cash offer we propose lower than their expectations. It enables us to thrust out a deal that is agreeable to everyone.


4. Collect Payment

Once we agree on a price, our team will handle the necessary paperwork and liaise with you. After the documents are verified and signed, you can collect the cash offer. Thus, the process is significantly faster than if you were to sell the house the traditional way. We also understand that some clients may need the money urgently.


Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

Although we specialize in buying houses in Kentucky from people who want a cash deal, you also have to play your part to help the whole transaction to go fast and smoothly. 


Some notable tips to help speed up the process include:

Have Reasonable Expectations

Considering you are selling your house as-is and also want an all-cash offer, it’s vital to have reasonable expectations regarding price. Also, be open to negotiation and have an open mind. From extensive research, I found that if I wanted to sell my house fast in Kentucky for an all-cash offer, the price would be less than the market value. 


Provide Buyers with a Full Disclosure Draft of Your Property

Besides having the necessary documentation for the house, providing your buyer with a complete disclosure agreement is essential. Not only will that make the deal progress seamlessly, but it also prevents you from being sued for fraud. 



Are you trying to sell your house fast in Kentucky? We buy houses in Kentucky company specializes in just that. Do you remember that we offer all our clients an all-cash deal? Click here today to learn exactly how you can sell your house faster. You can learn more about the quickest you can sell a house in this article.


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